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Frequently Asked Questions


I solved some of the clues but then I got stuck and without any more clues I only completed part of the puzzle.  What should I do?  That is the beauty of ScruzzleWord.  You should never get stuck.  If you have reached a point where you don’t know how to answer any of the clues you have left, make an educated guess where to move a letter.  Try a vowel for example in the second letter of a word, or experiment with endings like “ing” or “ed” or even the letter “s”.  You will find that you quickly get back on track and will solve the puzzle.


I want to play more than the “Puzzle of the Day”, are there any more puzzles available?  Yes.  Anyone who comes to the site has FREE access to a new puzzle every day.  When you become a Member, you gain access to the FREE “Puzzle of the Day” from the previous six days.  A member always has access to the seven most recent FREE puzzles.  It doesn't cost anything to join.  If you want access to more than these puzzles, you may purchase ScruzzleWord credits by hitting the “More Puzzles” tab and then use those credits to unlock additional puzzles.  Additional puzzles are currently available from ScruzzleWord and Penny Publications.  Once you have purchased additional credits, select either ScruzzleWord or Penny Publications from the pulldown menu selections under “More Puzzles”.  Unlock the puzzles that you want.  Once you have confirmed that you want the puzzles, the system will deduct the appropriate number of credits.  These puzzles are now available and you may select them by tapping the “All” button under “Puzzle Selection” on the "Home" page. 


Where are the puzzles with clues in languages other than English (English as a Second Language/ESL)?  We are starting to build a library that contains puzzles offering clues in different languages.  The answers to the puzzles will remain in English and the user may choose a different language for the clues.  Only registered members have access to these puzzles.  You may register at any time for FREE.  To find these puzzles go to the “More Puzzles” tab and select “ESL”.  Even though all of these puzzles for now are FREE, you still have to unlock them.  You unlock them by tapping on each puzzle.  Hit “OK” when prompted.  Repeat this for all of the available puzzles.  Close the window.  Check back now and then.  We intend to add to this library of puzzles.  We also intend to add languages.  You only need to unlock these puzzles once though.  As we add additional languages, the new language clues are added automatically to your puzzles.

Once the puzzles are unlocked you may access them by tapping the “All” button under the “Puzzle Selection” area on the "Home" page.  These puzzles are located under ESL.  If you select one of the ESL puzzles, you may play this puzzle under “Normal”, “Challenge” or “Multiplayer” mode.  Once you have selected the mode, you then need to select the language you want for the clues.  You may now solve this puzzle the same way you always have.


How do I know if someone wants to Friend me on ScruzzleWord?  In the upper right hand corner of the "Home" page you will see “Friends ( # requests )”.  If the # is a number greater than zero, then you have Friend requests pending.  Depending upon how fast your network is, there sometimes is a short lag time between when a request is made and when it shows up on your screen.  Tap on “Friends ( # requests)” and a window will open showing who has requested you as a Friend.  If you agree, then affirm their request.


How do I Friend someone on ScruzzleWord?  In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see “Friends ( # requests )”.  The # is zero if you do not have any Friend requests pending.  Tap on “Friends ( # requests)” and a window will open.  If you want to send a Friend request then enter either the Username or the e-mail address that the person is using on the ScruzzleWord website.  It must be the Username or e-mail address they entered when they registered on the site.  Only members who are registered on the site are eligible for Friend status.  Once they have accepted your request you will see them in the “My Friends” window.  If the indicator to the left of the Username is blue, then they are currently on the site.  If not, you will have to contact them and ask them to log onto the ScruzzleWord website.  Now you are ready to play with or against your Friends.


My puzzles are colored yellow, what does that mean?  We were looking for a simple way for members to discern which puzzles they have already solved from those they have not attempted yet.  So we developed a color scheme.  When you see a puzzle number either by tapping the “All” button or when you select the ScruzzleWord or Penny Publications menu item under “More Puzzles”, the number will display in one of four colors.  Yellow means that you unlocked this puzzle and have solved it.  You may play this puzzle again if you want to.  Green means that you have previously solved the puzzle but have not unlocked it yet.  If it is one of the current seven “Puzzle of the Day” puzzles, then you may play it as many times as you would like.  All puzzles that were previously “Puzzle of the Day” puzzles are made available under "More Puzzles" after the seven free day period.  Under "More Puzzles" you may see a puzzle that is still locked, yet colored green.  That usually means that you solved that puzzle when it was a “Puzzle of the Day”.  If you want, you can unlock that puzzle and solve it again.  When you unlock it though, it will turn yellow since you have already solved it and have now unlocked it.  A puzzle colored brown means that you have unlocked the puzzle and have not played it yet.  You may now play this puzzle when you want to.  A puzzle colored grey means that you have not played this puzzle and you have not unlocked it yet.  If it is one of the seven “Puzzle of the Day” puzzles you may play it, otherwise you must unlock this puzzle to solve it.