Scruzzle Word - Revolutionary Word Puzzles

What is ScruzzleWord?

ScruzzleWord brings a brand new interactive experience to the classic crossword puzzle world.  It is a word game Revolution!!  Scruzzleword begins by scrambling the letters of a solved crossword puzzle.  Your job is to drag and drop these letters into their correct spot on the grid.  When they are dropped into the right square, the square will turn yellow.  Turn all the squares yellow and the puzzle is solved.  Simple.

Here is the catch.  Clues are only available once a letter is in the correct spot and has turned yellow.  You can see the clues by tapping on the yellow squares.  Continue moving around the board solving clues in a way that is reminiscent of Scrabble®.  Solving a ScruzzleWord puzzle requires a combination of Scrabble®, Crossword Puzzle, and Word Search skills.  ScruzzleWord is popular with dedicated problem solvers and the casual puzzle solver alike.  Form a group and try to solve the puzzle together.  ScruzzleWord is a very social game. will present a new puzzle every day.  You may solve these puzzles in “Normal Mode”, “Challenge Mode” or in “Multiplayer Mode”.  “Challenge Mode” presents a more difficult way to solve a puzzle because as you progress, the number of clues decreases.  If you solve the puzzle in “Normal Mode” try it again in “Challenge Mode”.  “Multiplayer Mode” is a way to solve a puzzle with a friend or to compete against them to see who can answer the most clues.

ScruzzleWord puzzles are also available with the answers in English and the clues in languages other than English (ESL).